Hey guys I have gluten intolerance . I have known for a few years that I am gluten intolerant and never knew about celiac or anything until a couple of days ago and promptly got a blood test.

I know how to be gluten free, you just eat the basics like potatoes, meat, eggs, oatmeal, salads without croutons, stir fried rice, use corn tortillas, shop the perimeter, have gnocchi instead of pasta, etc.

But what is an actual recipe that is really heckin good to eat that is gluten free so I don’t miss the good stuff like noodles and bread? I hate substitutes with a passion, but I make an exception for Caulipower pizza. Fake cake, fake noodles, fake bread. The substitute bread is the absolute worst thing ever invented, besides the fake noodles that disintegrate into potato mush. I tried to check out the gluten free subreddit and it was full of substitutes. I have checked out recipe books from the library for gluten free recipes in the past and it was the same thing, substitutes everywhere!

I was inspired to make this post by a person in another sub who posted what I think was vegetarian tacos on corn tortillas. I swiped their comment about what was in it. I’m not vegetarian but that looked so good and seemed to be gluten free too! I want yummy ideas like that!