Accepted ~15kg of breakfast cereals…but lactose intolerant

I used to love eating cereal as a kid with milk and remember how tasty it was, but decades later I can’t do it anymore due to intolerance.

Related background story:

>!A friend of mine was de-commissioning a government facility and he invited me to their surplus sale. In the kitchen was a bunch of appliances and perishables on sale I didn’t bother with , but notably there was a sealed metal crate where inside were sealed, but previously opened bags of Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes and the standard fare. The organizer said they were free to take since they weren’t inventoried and they’d be disposed of since this was the last day of the sale and food was to be destroyed.!<

>!I dug around to find flattened cereal boxes and the best before dates are around 2020 . I took the crate down to the car and put on gloves before sifting through it, checking for cereal mites, bugs attracted to the sugars, anything dead, and any other pests that subreddits like would know well…suspected there would be some contamination or mould from somebody putting in a milky spoon in the past but nope…the metal crate was extremely well sealed and the bags were sealed very well with really tight clips . Worst case scenario I wasn’t as thorough as I thought and I have free protein. I brought the cereal home and tied up the storage crate in a large, sealed garbage bag to potentially quarantine any live pest I missed inside and a week later nothing turned up obviously dead, so I think I did okay.!<

So TL;DR I have a bunch of cereal but I don’t drink milk. I feel as if I did enough due diligence to inspect it for safety issues, but to be honest I don’t really care so much anymore.

How could I make good and delicious use of the cereal despite not being a milk drinker? I guess I could munch on it like a snack throughout the day but I can’t think of anything else. Please help, ECAH!

Accepted ~15kg of breakfast cereals…but lactose intolerant