Adding 70g protein per day?!?


I’m looking to incorporate more protein into my diet, to build muscle. Right now I seem to be at around half my desired intake . Although this could be an undercalculation – I would still like to eat significantly more protein.

I have already incorporated more protein-rich foods into my diet – nuts, nut butters, meat, legumes, eggs, etc. I’m just kind of at at a loss of what else to add. This is mainly because I’m not the one who does the grocery shopping right now . I’m hesitant to buy protein powder due to the fact it’s way nicer to eat natural, and the cost, but I’m willing to do so if you guys recommend.

Basically, do you have any ideas of switches I should make? Or recipes that are mega high in protein? An extra 70g a day feels like a lot!

PS: I already googled searched for this query in the subreddit – so that’s why I’m posting. Don’t come at me! xD

Adding 70g protein per day?!?