Advice around possible joint inflammation and possible causes

Looking for some advice around ongoing joint and muscle pain that feels like inflammation, and it’s possible causes

Some background info. I’m a 29 year old male. I live an active and generally healthy lifestyle. My occupation is physical at times. I lift weights several times a week, ride my bike, walk regularly, as well as other sports from time to time. I stretch and foam roll often. I have quit smoking and cut down drinking significantly in the past year. I’m 180cm and 84kg

Basically in the last year or 2 my body had not felt quite right. I have constant niggles in my joints. Lifting weights feels harder than it should be and at times is painful. I have decreased in strength despite my overall diet and exercise improving in the last few years. I see people at work who are smaller than me lifting moving heavier things with ease while my body aches as I do it. Basically my body mechanics feel off for someone of my size and lifestyle.

I’m starting to think it’s inflammation, as I have noticed that anti inflammatories help me feel better overall, and I’ve had to stop myself from taking them too regularly. I also notice my sinuses generally feel constricted even if they’re not blocked and the anti inflammatories help this too

Wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar and has any advice before I start seeing specialists etc.

Open to trying different diets to see if there’s something that’s causing it, because I’m desperate to get back to my strong and functional self

TLDR; Im fit and healthy overall but feel as though I may have joint inflammation and am looking for possible causes

Thank you!

Advice around possible joint inflammation and possible causes