Advice on calorific intake

I am 37 year old male and i have been working out on/off the past 10 years or so.
I am currently 81 kilos and 179cm height – my lately Boditrax scan showed a 25.3 BMI, 16.9?t and 79% muscle .

I want to drop my fat percentage mainly while staying toned because i have annoying spot fat around the love handles and chest.

My problem has always been consistency, as i could go into a good routine of working out at the gym 3-4times a week while on a calorific deficit for 2 months, but then take a break and start all over again.

As you know, after 33 years old i have found it a lot harder to lose weight and slim down, but after being introduced to intermittent fasting i am back on a good roll with diet and exercise.

At the moment, if i am not going out i follow the below:

– Intermittent fasting 16:8
– Break fast with protein meal replacement and porridge
– Work out
– Whey protein shake
– A good balanced meal

I have dropped around 4 kilos in a month in this way and can lift more at the gym/getting stronger.

**My question is regarding the overall calorific intake.**

I have quite a low calorific average on MyFitnessPal, as i have my food target to 1650 and then i work out on top so it drops a lot.
The current weekly average is around **1100** to **1200** after removing the calories from the workouts .

Thing is that my hunger is very manageable and when i am fasting i just have 2 cups of black coffee and a hydralyte supplement so i dont really feel i consume so little calories.

Is this plan healthy ? Should i keep it like that for the time being at least ? What do you think?

Thanks in advance!

Advice on calorific intake