Advice on Macro focused diets

Hi thank you all in advance. I’m after some advice. I have been going to the gym for 15+ years constantly switching between lifting weights doing cardio HiIT classes or both. In march I got COVID and was sick at the sight of myself despite all my hard work I was still podgy and at 5ft 8 and 80kgs I looked like crap. I enlisted a personal trainer and after 3 months I managed to get down to 76kgs and around 18 to 19% body fat. I did this on:
2206kcal a day
190g protein
154g carbs*
91g fat
1 cheat meal a week.

This worked for about 2 months and now I’ve hit a plateau for the last 4 weeks, constantly bouncing between 76 and 78kgs and 18 to 20% body fat with no improvement.

My before pics in march look identical to how I look now

I have looked to reduce my macros again to sub 2000kcal maybe 1800 to 1900.

A lot of diets say cut out carbs and just fats but how tf do I eat that many calories with no carbs and just protein??? 190g a day is already way too much for my weight and height. I’ve seen one diet suggesting 254g protein a day? Thats well over 2 per kg in body weight and surely dangerous?

I’ve also seen people say just lift heaver hut I’m naturally very weak for a guy. My 1rpm after 3 months of deadlifting with a personal trainer is still only 120-125 and bench around 80kg 1rpm.

I do 5 on 2 off at the gym 3 days lifting and cardio the other 2 cardio or lifting. The weight lifting is a 4 days split of chest, back, legs and shoulders

I just want to shred that little bit more but I can’t work out my macros with low carbs and less calories while keeping within safe amounts of food and not too much protein.


Advice on Macro focused diets