Advice on Meals and Meal Planning

Hi reddit,

I need help desperately to feed myself properly. I got back from school where I was eating poorly and now on days that I don’t eat well this is what happens. I begin sticking my tongue out when I start eating and licking my face as if there might be food there. I will stick my tongue out involuntarily like a reflex. I often get very hungry and then struggle to eat fully because this reflex kicks in.

Apart from this I find that I cannot sleep at night because of lack of food in my body that keeps me awake.

PLEASE HELP. I am desperate for advice and need help constructing a meal plan or solution so that I can eat well during the day and stop being dysfunctional. Does this happen to anybody else? I recognize that my problem is poor eating habits but I just don’t understand why my body reacts the way that it does as compared to other people.

I need help breaking out if this cycle so I can live my life normally and I don’t have health insurance and have already tried eating disorder treatment centers which were not that useful.

Advice on Meals and Meal Planning