Best value for money food making equipment under $50?

Hello all,

So this is my throwaway account, and I’m making this post asking for recommendations regarding food equipment I could buy for my girlfriend. She doesn’t have access to much equipment with her burner being broken, and not having access to an oven. She does have access to a small microwave. Lately, she’s been feeling a lot more sick, and her energy levels dropped low. She usually eats just 1 meal a day, and I feel it’s barely enough to get by a day. She is eating for weight loss, and trying to go on low calorie foods, but she’s hasn’t been able to eat food like chicken due to not having the equipment .

So, I want to get her something that could help her in the food making process. I’m not very knowledgeable on the subject, and have some reading to do, but my options were air fryer, oven, a slow cooker, or some recommendation from y’all. I want to know what’s the most versatile food making equipment, or set of food making equipment I could get on a budget of under $50 that could help her make healthy food, I’d really appreciate it.

The main two retail stores we have access to are Amazon and Walmart. So if anyone has any recommendations, a link would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Best value for money food making equipment under $50?