Chicken Salad ideas.

Hi everyone.

So recently my parents renewed their membership at BJ’s and gave me the extra membership card.

Since they are so dang inexpensive, I have been buying the $5 rotisserie chicken. I asked this sub earlier what their favorite thing to do with the rotisserie chickens. And y’all had some great answers.

I have been getting in the groove of getting a chicken everytime I go and breaking down the legs and wings for dinner that evening then portioning out the breast for another purpose and the thigh meat/all the Lil bits for something else.

What’s your favorite chicken salad recipe? I’m getting tired of the same go to ingredients like celery and onion. I’m not really talking about adding different fruit or nuts here

What I’m looking for is a chicken salad that kinda brings in some world flavors. I was thinking of a Greek inspired chicken salad by subbing in some Greek style vegan yogurt And some cucumber, kalamata olives, and maybe lemon zest?

So TLDR; what are some chicken salad recipes inspired by different cultures that aren’t just boring American style chicken salad.

Thanks a ton!

Chicken Salad ideas.