Cilbir (Turkish Eggs) Recipe

With the cilbir recipe that sometimes brightens breakfast and sometimes saves dinner with yogurt, you will cheer up your tables and add a delicious protein store to other meals.

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Servings : 2
Prep Time : 5 Min
Cook Time : 5 Min
Total Time :10 Min
Calories : 100 grams in 112 kcal


* **1 liter water**
* **2 eggs**
* **2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar**
* **1 cup yogurt**
* **1 clove of garlic**
* **1 teaspoon salt**
* **2 tablespoons butter**
* **1 teaspoon red flakes pepper**
* **1 teaspoon blackpepper**
* **1 teaspoon mint**


* **Bring the water to a boil in a deep pot. When it begins to bubble, reduce the heat and add the vinegar.**
* **Place the eggs in a separate bowl and drop them into the slowly bubbling water.**
* **While the egg whites are boiling and coloring, add the other eggs to the pot in the same order and begin to boil.**
* **The egg white should be cooked, the yolk should have a soft consistency, for this you need to cook for about 3-4 minutes.**
* **While the eggs are cooking, add salt and crushed garlic to the yogurt and mix.**
* **Add the yogurt mixture to the bottom of your serving dish.**
* **Remove the cooked eggs from the water using a strainer, collect the remaining water in the strainer and place on top of the yogurt.**
* **Melt the butter in the pan and add the paprika, mint and black pepper.**
* **When it starts to foam a little, remove from heat and pour over the eggs. Bon appetite to you all in advance**

Cilbir (Turkish Eggs) Recipe