Debating about going back to eating poultry?


I’m debating if I should go back to eating poultry, specifically chicken and turkey.. I was vegetarian for five years and went back to eating fish couple years ago . I decided to go back to eating fish to help meet my daily protein intake without supplementing.. Could I have been vegetarian and eat all my daily protein? Yes, but it was so difficult. Plus, from a social perspective it was also soooo hard for people to accommodate my diet, they never knew what i could eat and sometimes was so embarrassing.. so fish was easier, plus i personally didn’t have any ethical reasons to not eat fish.

Now that I’m back to eating fish, I feel like my options are so little still lol.. I live in southern Ontario and my fresh fish options are like.. salmon, trout and tilapia basically. I can eat cod, haddock, shrimp, etc, but they’re mostly frozen and smelly. Back when i lived in Brazil, good fish was fresh and straight out of ocean. Now my daily diet is mostly some fish + beyond meat, beyond sausage, impossible burger etc… And these processed meats have so much fat, calories and salt I don’t even know if it’s healthy. Can I eat more beans? Probably, but who eats fish and beans..? Not appetizing at all..

So I’m debating going back to eating poultry and I wanted to know if anyone went through what I’m going through. Any advice, tips.. Also thinking about ethical reasons?

Thank you

Debating about going back to eating poultry?