eye opening…

So I fell victim to marketing, and I’ve just discovered that this 85 g bag of chips is worse in nearly every way than a 165 g burger from a&w.

I wanted banana chips during my shopping trip, the kind that are crunchy and sweet- the kind you’d find in trail mix. Without paying attention I grabbed Green Banana Chips… they claim to be sliced green bananas, but they’re absolutely potato chips. There is zero difference in taste.

So I felt stupid after realizing what I actually bought, but ate a mini bag anyway. I looked at the nutritional value afterwards, and holy shit… 450 calories… 52 carbs… 21 g of fat and 11 saturated… 500 MG of sodium… 2g of protein.

A mama burger at a&w is 400 cal , 19 g of fat and 7 saturated , 38 carbs , 850 MG of sodium , 20 g of protein .

Just really took me aback. I’m new to this diet thing, but just amazed that even one of these mini bags is much worse than a damn burger, and if I ate two bags which would basically weigh the same as the burger, it’s totally a write off for any work I do at the gym. Hell even one bag would ruin the day- at least with the burger I’d get some decent protein out of it.

Anyway, thought I’d share. Dieting is so tough, I hope you’re all adjusting to it and getting the results you seek.

eye opening…