Food hacks for when you’re too tired

I’ve got a couple but I need to collect more easy-mode tips for my depression brain induced apathy. Bonus points for clean-up savers. I am gaining weight because I am finding everything about cooking an inconvenience and completely energy sucking and I need to stop.

First off I keep apples around for snacking. A big old bag of grannysmiths from Walmart is super cheap.

Secondly, I will resort to the microwave for scrambled eggs. A minute or so for two eggs is all it takes. It’s dishes savvy. You can also break the yolks and not scramble to get a good McDonald’s style round egg for sandwiches .

Ziploc sandwich bags are my go to for bringing food to work so I don’t have to worry about bringing Tupperware home and washing it. Yeah it’s a little less cost effective but it’s the mental disability tax I’m willing to pay.

Minute rice is also a godsend. Self-explanatory I hope. You can make it in individual portions.

For the more adventurous there is my casserole free tuna casserole which is: cook pasta. Put tuna, grated cheese on top. Done.

I also have an instant pot that I will have room on the counters for as soon as my roommate moves out so we will see how I handle that.

So HMU with your cost-effective, time effective, and low dishes hacks.

Food hacks for when you’re too tired