Headaches and stuff

Just wanted some opinions on this

So i’ve been dealing with headaches for the last few weeks, like non-stop really bad ones and i got one going right now. pretty concerned and generally uncomfortable. for reasons i’d rather not go into I can’t see a doctor, So i’m kinda stuck figuring this out myself, but it’s probably fine or something

A few months ago I had a blood test and i came up pretty short on potassium . So I was looking at what i’ve been eating and I realized there’s barely any potassium, like the only thing with noticeable potassium i typically eat is milk, and maybe this is a coincidence but the headaches started when I stopped drinking milk.

iirc the headaches started about 3 days after I stopped drinking that much milk actually

Aside from the headaches I i think i’ve also been having digestion issues? like june was the first time i’ve ever had trouble digesting a burger patty, or something like that anyway. I was down for a day or two because of it. Had a patty just recently and it went down fine tho even with the headaches still going so i’m really not sure

but am I totally on the wrong track with my potassium theory? i dont think anyone meets the daily potassium requirements so i find it hard to believe no one else would be having these same problems if it ere a potassium thing. But even if my theory’s accurate, should i just eat potassium-rich foods and hope something changes?

tl;dr Low potassium = headache i think, what do?

EDIT: i think i’m dealing with a chronic migraine, i think a sudden change in eating habits triggered it for whatever reason

Headaches and stuff