Homemade granola? Make my house smell amazing, please!

When I was a young lad, one of my schoolmates’ had parents who used to be part of the peace and love movement of the 60’s. Look, I don’t know if this is prejudice, but it seems like they fit the bill for everything that hippies are usually associated with. They grew pot, they had pictures of naked people up on their walls, his mom had hairier armpits than my dad, and most important to this post: they made their own granola. Trail mix too, I think.

I assume they did it because it was cheaper than buying it and they could make it as healthy as they wanted. One of the benefits of it, though, was that their house smelled absolutely divine. I can remember the faint vanilla, nutty, oat-y, aroma that flooded my senses as I approached their house. Amazing.

I’m a smell-centric guy. Before I eat I always take a giant sniff of my food. It helps me prepare my brain for what I’m about to taste and looks really funny when I do it. Also, my memories are heavily triggered by aromas. I can smell something familiar, and it will remind me of some long-lost part of my life. So when I caught COVID in September and my sense of smell was warped, I’ve been trying ways to get some normalcy back.

That brings me to ECAH: I’m hoping you fine folks can set me on the path to making some delicious granola . I don’t know what should be in it, how to keep it cheap, how to bake it, what makes it healthy, and how to get my house to smell so damned good.

Please help.

Thank you!

Homemade granola? Make my house smell amazing, please!