I’m farting way too much. Will this die down?

Hi guys!
So lately I’ve decided to make improvements on my health and and it’s going fine so far.
I’ve made adjustments to my diet specifically. In that I’ve started having much more fruit and vegetables. I always ate a lot of fruit generally, but now with I am trying to have a mix of cucumbers/broccoli/cauliflower/tomatoes/carrots/etc with every meal.

I look better, feel fresher and I’m beginning to drop some unwanted body fat.

There are two caveats though. I feel a little bloated, but it’s been two weeks and gradually the bloating has reduced and I’ve heard it’s perfectly normal to bloat.

The bigger problem, is that I’m farting way more than I used to. And, those farts… Well they smell horrendous.

Idk if people who have a lot of vegetables are used to farting a lot and really smelly or if this is something that will gradually reduce over time.

I’m eating more veggies and it’s making my farts smellier and more frequent. Any tips?

I’m farting way too much. Will this die down?