Incredibly tight monthly budget- suggestions to fit it please.

I care for disabled family, so a lot of my money goes there.

But I have a $40 a month food budget. For two people. I wish it was higher than that, but for now it’s not.

The food bank gave us some stuff; canned beans, some soup, spaghetti, things like that. But it’s only enough for about two weeks and we can’t go back for a month.

Anyone have some filling or at least tasty things we can make on the super cheap?

This budget is with EBT. Apparently combined we make too much for any real help, but not enough to pay rent and such without struggling. I did check out the loacl farmers market this morning, and found they had an EBT matching …thing.. so I managed to change $15 into $30 and got some peppers, mangos, pears, tomatoes,and potatoes + 12 eggs. Going to try and grow some peppers.

We live in Florida, close to Sarasota without giving away exact location. A few of you have asked about an Amazon wishlist. I didn’t have one specifically for food until a few hours ago. Added some basics based on your suggestions

Serriously appreciate all the information, and whoever gave the award thank you.

As per disabled family:
We don’t have full disability yet. The lawyers are handling that and hopefully that will be approved soon which will help tremendously. But while we wait, they can’t work. I do work two jobs. One in the evening delieverying food; they come with me. The other during the day is sewing stuffed animals, masks, and other collectable items. I am also studying to become a real estate agent, just trying to save the money up to pay for the final exam.

Incredibly tight monthly budget- suggestions to fit it please.