Is this sustainable *Recipe included*

Hello subreddit! I am here to discuss nutrition. So I have been trying to plan my new lifestyle. I have pretty much settled on a mostly altered Mediterranean diet. I just wanted opinions onto whether or not this is sustainable or effective. I am trying to be healthier and lost weight.

These are the main foods Ill cook with and I want to stick to week in and week out:

* Beans
* Rice
* Tomato Products
* Broth/Stock
* Corn
* Peas
* Green Beans
* Pasta
* Olive Oil
* Salt
* Spices
* Carrots
* Onion
* Garlic
* Potatoes
* Celery
* Bell Peppers
* Eggs
* Fresh Fruit for dessert/snacks
* Nuts for snacks
* Popcorn for snacks
* Cheese

Once/Twice/Trice a week foods:

* Fish
* Chicken
* Bread/Wraps

Once/Twice a month foods:

* Pork
* Beef

Once in a while:

* Sugary treat


***This is my current plan. My main dishes will usually be dicing onion, bell pepper, garlic, and celery and sautéing it for about 5 minutes. Then I will add smoked paprika and stir for another 2 minutes. Add a can of beans and gently stir for a few minutes. Salt and pepper. From there add some broth , bring to a boil then reduce heat, and let the beans soak up the broth, or add more broth and then rice to it as well using same method. At the end I usually add some cheese .***


I will also make stews and soups, plus salads.

Occasionally ill make some of my favorite things to eat like burritos, steak dinners, ect, so I don’t get burnt out. I am purposely making onion, carrot, celery, garlic, and peppers a daily thing because those are the vegetables I like to eat. I also like garden salads.

LMK what you think, or any tweaks you would make or suggest.


Is this sustainable *Recipe included*