Looking for something to replace cheese on my wraps.

Every day I eat low/no sodium turkey or chicken deli meat on small corn tortillas with Swiss cheese and mustard. I’m highly lactose intolerant but I tend to eat cheese much of the time anyway .

I was trying to think of something that could maybe replace the cheese. Problem is I only have a very small mini fridge and that’s it. So there’s not much that I could get and store. The deli meat and water bottles and some dairy free yogurt basically have the fridge at capacity. Everything else that I have is in cans or ziplock bags and just stored wherever.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be cheap to buy weekly and be both nondairy and preferably healthier than cheese I’d really appreciate any suggestions.

Also ideas for snacks as a bonus would be amazing. Right now I just eat unsalted nuts and sometimes air popped plain popcorn. And apples. Stuff like that. I don’t have much.

Edit: This isn’t about cheese flavor or needing any specific taste on the wrap. I’m mostly just looking to replace the cheese with something lactose-free and maybe all around healthier just as something to keep the wrap more filling. :)

Looking for something to replace cheese on my wraps.