Need advice for getting back on track

Advice on getting back on track

Hi friends I lost 30lbs in 2021 by doing cico and drinking a crap ton of water. I picked up running and working out again and was able to end 2021 30lbs down and a new outlook. December came and I wanted to enjoy the holidays and then I hurt my knee.

Here we are, June 2022 and I have gained back about 5lbs so I’m mostly maintaining at this point. I need help with avoiding some old bad habits and I will tell you what I am doing so maybe y’all can help with some new things to try!


– female / 28 / 5’4”, sw: 200lbs cw:175-178 gw: 155lbs

Good habits:

– I still count calories, between 1500-1700 a day as a goal because I workout 5-6 times a week

– I don’t drink my calories. Coffee, water, nut milks is all I drink.

– no alcohol

– started therapy to help myself understand my poor relationship with food and binge eating

– I try to make meals ahead – not the best meal prepper but I do portion meals out to have something a head of time

– I drink so much water! 120-150oz a day

– I have done my rear on cico, IF, Paleo and keto diets. I love them all and I practice a little of each to keep myself sane and also feeding my body well.

Areas of opportunity:

– lack consistency, I fall off the wagon more than I would like

– binge snacking/eating habits

– food triggers my brain in a way I can explain, it’s almost like I am chemically/physically addicted

I really need help picking up some good healthy habits I can try, to attempt to stay on track and continue bettering my weight, health, relationship with food. I have the will to change, I am a single mom just trying to be the best me for my 5 year old daughter. I don’t want her to struggle like I do with food. Any input or advice is appropriated!

Please share all your tricks and tips that helped you stay healthy, balanced, on target for your goals!

Thank you all in advanced.

Need advice for getting back on track