Questions about tofu

I’m trying to move away from meats for health reasons. One thing I really enjoy is teriyaki rice and tofu. But I’ve never cooked tofu.

How much should I be paying for tofu? Are there better brands I should look for? Should I be going to small local Asian markets to buy this?

In regards to cooking it, I’ve heard it is very dependent on how you do is because it can turn out to be pretty much inedible. Is baking it really the best way? I’m looking for quickest solutions. Maybe I need to look into an air fryer and go light on the oil?

Does cooked tofu store well or do I need to eat it immediately? I would like to cook it in batches. But if I could get it to under 10 minutes, then I might not be a problem.

I want to have it for work but I work outside. It’s possible I could get access to a microwave. Is it going to stay crunchy in a ice chest for 6 hours or will it turn to a soggy mess?

Questions about tofu