Should I reverse diet or stick to my cut?

Most of my life I’ve spent it going up and down in weight, I’d hit a goal weight, then think the job’s done and eat my way back up to the triple digit figures. I finally found that counting calories was what worked best for me to reach and maintain my weight goals.

Now I’ve been cutting for close to 5 months with no weight training, went from 103KGS to 91KGs with a 500 calorie deficit from my 2500 maintenance, then started lifting and continued cutting for another 5 months and went from 91KGs to 83KGs while maintaining the same amount of deficit from my first 5 months cutting .

Ever since I hit 83KGs it started getting tough to lose more weight so I turned my intake down to 1750, I’m losing 0.3-0.5KGs per week. My issue with this is that I’m not feeling the greatest in terms of sleep, hunger, and strength in the gym but I don’t mind powering through it as it’s not impossible and I still haven’t hit an amount of body fat I’m happy with when I look in the mirror. I’m just worried about **diminishing returns at this point because of the prolonged cut.**

I don’t think I’m at a detrimentally low amount of calorie intake for me to stop the cut, but it does affect the mental a little bit . But maybe I should reverse diet and see if it would benefit me more?

Turning to the people of reddit as I’m not very experienced with nutrition.


Should I reverse diet or stick to my cut?