Snacks that have been saving your diet

I’m trying to lose a couple pounds but snack pretty frequently. I’ve not had as much mental energy to cook recently but here are some things that have helped curb cravings:


* 2-4 cups of stove-popped popcorn, ready in like 5 minutes. Douse it in theater salt, garlic, onion, and maybe some curry powder if you’re feeling fancy
* 1 oz of mozzarella and 10 minutes of patience when I am hungry NOW but am already near my calorie limit. It’s cheaper in the block form by like $1/lb
* TOMATO flavor veggie chips dipped in greek yogurt with italian seasoning + garlic reminds me so much of mozzarella sticks. It’s uncanny.
* Dry roasted edamame doused in paprika if I’m below my protein goal


* Clementines/mandarins are good for nervous hands
* Cold-brewed peach tea after dinner to again curb that sweet tooth. I just soak those herbal tea packets in a bottle of water in the fridge overnight.
* Banana ice cream but made in the style of those layered deserts with chopped nuts, coconut flakes, or semisweet chocolate chips in between

Pls tell me your quick and relatively easy snacks

Snacks that have been saving your diet