Stuck on weight

Hey guys, I’ve got a question. I’ve been losing weight for a while now, but lately I can’t get past 91kg. I watch what I eat, only drink water and coffee and walk daily.

I’m using an app and according to that app I shouldn’t eat mode than 2052 calories a day if I want to weigh 85kg by the end of July. It also monitors my fat, carbs and protein intake for each day and 95% of the time I eat less of those than what I’m ‘allowed’ to eat.

At first it went really well losing almost 1kg a week, but now unfortunately my weight loss has stagnated. It changes from 91.5kg to 90.8kg for a couple of weeks now.

Any advice?


PS: I do eat bread and pastas and stuff, but I always make sure that I don’t overeat on carbs.

Stuck on weight