Sushi Bowl

Hi yall wanted to share this really easy and cheap recipe with you all that I’ve been hyper-fixating on lately. It’s a sushi bowl but I’m sure you can turn it into a sushi bake


-sushi rice 340 cal

-Kroger pink salmon 1.99$ 80cal **

-furikake for flavor or sub for a seaweed snack pack

-Persian cucumber 2.99$ per pound I use one per bowl 16cal

-Green Onion

-Imitation crab 1.99$ a pack of four crab sticks 40cal

-soy sauce

-spicy mayo


-pickled ginger



It costs me less than $7- per bowl, once you have basic and added ingredients it comes out to a really quick, tasty, and inexpensive lunch that leaves you full and satisfied

Sushi Bowl