Sweet breakfast ideas?

Hi, y’all! I’m looking for breakfast ideas. I’m in a bit of a tough situation, though.

1. I’m on the low FODMAP diet for my IBS, which means I can’t have gluten or dairy or very much sugar.

2. I had COVID a few months ago and my taste and smell are still really messed up. Peanut butter tastes like cigarette smoke, meat tastes like feet, etc. Sweet foods and carbs are really the only foods that don’t taste gross to me right now, unfortunately.

3. I have little kids so I have about 2 seconds to make and eat breakfast, although I could meal prep while they’re asleep if needed!

So I’m looking for sweet breakfasts that don’t have gluten, dairy, a lot of sugar, or meat. I know that’s a tall order, but if y’all have any ideas at all, I’d appreciate it so much!!

Sweet breakfast ideas?