Thoughts about my diet?

Hey guys, just wanted some opinions amd advice about my current diet. Although it varies from time to time, these are the main meals I eat throughout the day.
Am not sure about the calorie intake and whether I am eating too much? I don’t really drink my soft drink with my meals, but may have the occasionally can of coke sometimes.
Thankyou in advance!

6.30am Banana and apple

7.30am A large flat white coffee.
Breakfast is scrambled eggs
and avocado on soy and linseed
toast, plus a handful of blueberries.

11.30am Some almonds and a
banana at work.

1.30pm Grilled chicken sandwich
with avocado, hummus, tomato and
spinach. Frozen mango and banana
smoothie with chia seeds, dates,
protein pea powder, cinnamon,
cacao powder and almond milk.

7pm Classic steak and veg. Big
serve of roast potatoes, carrot, corn
on cob, broccoli, grilled mushrooms.

Thoughts about my diet?