Traditional Irish Soup

Hello all! I have been lurking and your submitted recipes have helped me cook better for my family. I have decided to share this soup recipe my Grandfather passed on to me. Its pretty well known in these parts! His family always made it with whatever chicken or beef they could get when he was growing up. They weren’t well off so this helped his family immensely!


* A whole chicken OR beef shin
* Packed of soup veg
* Packet of soup mix
* two stock cubes. I use chicken stock.
* salt and pepper to taste

Really simple to make. I steep the dried mix in water for an hour or two then wash with running water. Some people steep overnight before washing. To me it doesn’t make too much difference. I made my soup this weekend with chicken so I will give recipe with a chicken. If you prefer shin, just replace chicken with the shin! Place the chicken in a large pot. Crumble the two stock cubes around the chicken and then add all the veg and mix. Fill the pot then will cold water. Heat at a medium heat for around two and a half hours, until the chicken is soft. Take the chicken out and set on cutting board. Be careful as the meat will just fall away. Take off the skin and gently pull the chicken meat away with two forks into bite sized pieces. Place the shredded chicken back in, and leave to cook a further 30 mins. Season to taste and serve!

I got two bowls of soup for dinner, and a further four large containers for meals during the week. I bought tesco value chicken for £2.76, soup veg for £1.19 and soup mix for £1.09 total cost was £4.50 which works out at 75p a portion.

Great value, contains veg pulses and meat!

Traditional Irish Soup