Ways I can improve “gut health”?

I have been feeling more “bloated” lately and want to find a way to get rid of that feeling.

I am a male, 26 years old, 6’ 4”, about 205 lbs. I run 4-6 miles per day on average , either outside or on a treadmill.

My daily diet typically consists of:

Breakfast: Apple, Peanut Butter sandwich , water, and a glass of GFuel

Lunch: cashews, water, Greek yogurt, sometimes eggs instead?

Dinner: varies…anything really. And more water.

Any advice on foods I should add? Remove? Different excessive routines I should try? Typically I feel “bloated” more around 1-3pm, which is right around when I also work out for over an hour.

Ways I can improve “gut health”?