What are some good healthy and cheap WFH lunches?

Lunch is one of the best things about working from home imo. Here’s what I’m in the habit of making, but I’d love your suggestions too! This recipe takes me about 10 minutes and is so satisfying

Rice bowls:

Rice base
Frozen veggies
Olive oil
Peanut lime dressing*
Fresh crunchy greens


1. Make rice according to package directions in instant pot
2. While that’s cooking boil some water and once you hit a rolling boil, add however many eggs you want. Set timer for 8 minutes for a soft-ish hard boiled egg
3. Heat olive oil over medium heat. Add frozen veggie mix of choice and sautee until browned
4. Peel egg. Layer rice bowl adding rice first, then veggies, then your egg . Top with crunchy fresh greens and peanut lime dressing

*I roughly follow Samin Nosrat’s peanut lime dressing recipe, which is approximately equal parts peanut butter and lime juice + garlic, fish sauce, chilli flakes, and soy sauce to taste. Whist together and add water if you want it thinner

What are some good healthy and cheap WFH lunches?